Friday, May 16, 2014


Alien Collective

Kitty and her crew are still trying to stay a step or two ahead of the bad guys, but this time they may have more trouble than they can manage. After a brief reprieve to mourn their losses and regroup after the events of Alien Research, the attacks are coming fast and furious. Kitty will need the help of her "uncles" the assassins, the K-9 Stooges, and her favorite dog-on-duty, Prince, as well as her usual team to foil the bad guy plans-du-jour, convert enemies to allies, and keep her favorite politician - her husband - alive.

The pace of this installment in the Alien series by Gini Koch was breakneck. I felt like all I could do was hang on through my first read so I could just find out what happened. A second - or maybe a third - read will be required if I want to have any hope of finding hints to figure out who the Mastermind is and what he/she might be planning for the future. I have really enjoyed the evolution of this series. It has developed a mystery angle that I wasn't expecting when I started reading it - and I LOVE mysteries. When I read these books I feel like I did as I was working through the last couple Harry Potter books - trying to find and interpret the clues and guess what was going to be coming in the end. Masterful plotting! This is definitely a series to read in order. Each story builds on events and clues and characters introduced in previous books. The cast has gotten quite large, but Gini does a good job with the recaps if it's been awhile since you read the previous stories. If you are already a fan of this series, don't hesitate to dive into Alien Collective. If these books are new to you and you like science-fiction with a bit of mystery and romance thrown in, check out book one, Touched by an Alien. You can read my other reviews from this series here.

4 out of 5 stars

I've already put in my order for the next book in the series, Universal Alien, which releases on December 2, 2014!

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