Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TUESDAY: Powerless

Daniel's family moves to a new town in order to help take care of his grandmother. Daniel discovers that his new friends have superpowers. But he also discovers that someone - or something - is taking their powers and their memories on the day they turn 13. Can Daniel - a boy who can't fly or turn invisible, and isn't super fast or super strong - save his super friends?

This was a great story. The basic idea reminded me of a favorite series of mine - The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy.  But this story is wholly original, which made me love it even more (I have read some books lately that were too much like the books they tried to emulate). I really liked the characters - even a couple who were temporary stars and then lost their powers and disappeared from the narrative. The whole idea of them losing their memories was a key part to the plot, but I liked them and it made the story even more captivating to lose their voices as the story went on.

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