Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TUESDAY: The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy

In Superopolis, Ordinary Boy is the only citizen without a super power.... Or is he? O Boy has his own skill set that is needed in Superopolis to save the day. In the first book, The Hero Revealed, Ordinary Boy and his pals have to battle Brain Drain to save the

In The Return of Meteor Boy, Ordinary Boy looks into the mysterious disappearance of a hero from long ago. In The Great Powers Outage
something strange is going on in Superopolis - all of the superheros have lost their powers. Who can save the town from rampaging super animals and the return of villains from the past? Once again, Ordinary Boy - the only person in Superopolis without a super power - will have to save the day.

I love this series of books. The plots are intricate and keep you guessing. It is complicated enough to hold an adult's attention, but kid-friendly for older readers. I also like how "O-Boy" deals with his status as the only one without powers. It becomes even more interesting in this book as everyone else becomes "normal." No one wants to listen to Ordinary Boy's questions about what causes the powers in the first place. At one point he "realized how upset people could get over the mere suggestion that something so key to their identity might actually just be a side effect of something else." This was a fascinating character development piece in the evolution of the story.

Great fun! I highly recommend the whole series! Recommended ages are 4th to 7th grade

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