Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Great new series from the author of the Sisters Grimm series.

Jackson Jones is Mr. Popular. He is a good looking kid who plays football and runs with a large crew of kids. Unfortunately, Jones is also a bully, picking on anyone at school who is the least bit "uncool." In a painful bit of irony, Jones finds out what it feels like to be the outcast after a trip to the orthodontist leaves him with a mouth full of magnetic metal.

When Jackson stumbles upon a secret lab at his elementary school, the NERDS aren't very excited to see him. You can't blame them, considering how Jackson tormented each of them when he was popular. They have no time to argue about his addition to the team, though. They need to focus their attention on a threat to destroy the world. After all, even though they are kids, the NERDS are the National Espionage, Resuce and Defense Society.

This book reminded me of the Adventures of Ordinary Boy series that I really like. There are fun interactive elements between chapters and some really funny moments. I am reading it out loud to my seven-year-old right now, and he loves it. I have had to edit out one reference to a grown up "seducing" beautiful women (not a new vocabulary word I want my child using) and some of the descriptions of one of the NERDS. He is often described as "chubby" or "fat," which accurately describes his body type, but are words I don't want my child to use. That's more about me than the book, though. I can't wait for the next one in this series!

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