Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TUESDAY: The Sisters Grimm series

(for ages 9-12)
Fairy tales with a twist. The Grimm sisters have been on their own, moving from foster home to foster home, just trying to survive the awful situations where their caseworker places them. Their parents disappeared and they have no other family. But one day, a woman shows up, claiming to be their grandmother. While it is nice to get away from the creepy foster homes, the girls aren't sure they can trust a grandmother they have never heard of.

It turns out that the girls come from the famous Grimm family, as in the Brothers Grimm. And fairy tale characters are actually alive and living among us. Most live in Ferryport Landing where the Grimms live in order to keep the Everafters in line because fairy tale characters aren't always what you might expect.

This is a great series. Each book ends with a cliff hanger that has you hounding the bookshelves and library shelves for the next installment. The darkness of some content makes this for older readers - around 9 or 10 and up.

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