Thursday, April 24, 2014


Ever After High: The Unfairest of Them All

Legacy Day did not quite go the way everyone planned and now the fallout is apparent - Royals and Rebels food fighting in the castleteria, fairy tale characters wrestling with their destiny and their personal desires, and one of the core characters in danger of banishment forever. Will Raven's choices on Legacy Day drive a wedge between the Royals and Rebels so deep that it cannot be fixed, or can students from both sides pull together for one of their own?

I enjoyed this chapter in the Ever After high series even more than I enjoyed the first one! While the main characters, Raven and Apple, wrestle with the implications of Raven's Legacy Day choice for their individual stories, they are also dealing with the repercussions on their school lives. How can Apple be a leader if she doesn't know what is going to happen to her storied path to become queen? Is Raven responsible for all the horrible things happening at Ever After High? While the girls wrestle with their personal choices and questions, they also get to work together on something bigger and more important than individual destiny. The world building and character development grow nicely in this story that will satisfy fans of the first book.

5 out of 5 stars
AR reading level of 5.1

Book three, A Wonderlandiful World releases August 26, 2014

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