Wednesday, November 13, 2013

THREE TIMES LUCKY by Sheila Turnage

Three Times Lucky

Mo (short from Moses) was found as a baby in a hurricane. She was found by "The Colonel" who lost his memory in that same storm. The Colonel and Miss Lana have raised Mo in their small community of Tupelo Landing, North Carolina. When one of the locals is murdered, Mo and her best friend, Dale, decide to become detectives to keep Dale (one of the last people to see the victim alive) from being a suspect. The police become a presence in the town and the Colonel goes missing. Then Miss Lana is kidnapped. Mo is desperate to figure out what's going on and to get her family back, but she'll have to figure out who she can trust first.

At its core, this is a great mystery for kids. But for me, the mystery was secondary to the story about Mo and her family and friends - this community of characters. It is also about Mo's quest for identity as an orphan with a mysterious past. A really enjoyable story that will appeal to mystery fans as well as readers who enjoy realistic fiction.

4 out of 5 stars
AR reading level of 3.9

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