Thursday, November 14, 2013

THE DARK SECRET by Tui Sutherland

The Dark Secret (Wings of Fire Series #4)

Starflight has been taken through the secret passage to the Nightwing Kingdom. Morrowseer is as abusive as ever, belittling not only Starflight but also the "back up" set of dragonets they are hiding. Starflight wars with his timid nature as he negotiates the Nightwing Kingdom without Tsunami or Clay to take the lead or fight the battles for him. Is Starflight strong enough to rescue the Nightwing's prisoners, face his family and save his tribe? And does he even want to?

This was a great, meaty story full of information on the Nightwings. There were excellent surprises and reveals about the Nightwing Queen and the prophesy. I missed the camaraderie of of the Dragonets of Destiny as Starflight was away from them for so much of the story. There's a teaser at the end that sets up the next book as Sunny's story. There are also peeks into the other dragon kingdoms as the various queens express their annoyance at the Dragonets of Destiny and their desire to kill or capture them. All of this promises that book 5, The Brightest Night will be an exciting story! Book 5 has a release date of April 28, 2014.

4 out of 5 stars
No AR reading level at this time

Recommended for: Fans of this series. I believe this book will not make much sense if readers start with this book rather than starting at the beginning. I think this book is a good fit for older elementary and middle school students as there is some violence - they are dragons, afterall, and they are at war.

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