Friday, November 22, 2013

A TIME FOR ME TO COME HOME by Dorothy Shackleford with Travis Thrasher

Time For Me to Come Home

Heath Sawyer is a country music star trying to get home to Oklahoma for Christmas. In the airport, he meets Cara who is also heading to Oklahoma. They get stranded in Chicago when a blizzard hits the Midwest and their flight is canceled. They decide to try to get home together. Through a variety of travel joys and disasters, they learn about eachother and about themselves.

I tried a couple chapters of this for free at Barnes and Noble, a perk they provide for Nook readers in the story. I liked the writing and the character of Heath enough to buy the whole story so I could find out what happens. A nice mild romance with an emphasis on family relationships. Heath tells the story, so his journey and growth is the one readers get the best feel for. The main message is the importance of family and home at the holidays - and any other time we need to be anchored and loved and be ourselves.

4 out of 5 stars

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