Friday, August 16, 2013

EVIL ECLAIRS by Jessica Beck

Evil Eclairs (Donut Shop Mystery Series #4)

Book Four in the Donut Shop Mystery series.

The local DJ does an editorial saying donuts are poison and Suzanne Hart's shop should be shut down. Of course, Suzanne drives over to the station to tell him off. But when he's found dead the next morning with one of her eclairs crammed in his mouth, it looks like Suzanne is a murder suspect once again.

I love cozy mysteries, but the ones where the protagonist is the main suspect are always a little more stressful to read. And that happens to poor Suzanne an awful lot in this series! In this case, though, the DJ is so odious, there are plenty of other suspects as well. This was my favorite in the series so far - and I am proud to say I puzzled out the killer before the reveal in the book (I always feel good when I can do that). I am enjoying the relationships between secondary characters that are developing and laying some nice groundwork for further books in the series. I've been impressed with Ms. Beck's ability to put a character in a story as an introduction and then give that character a larger story in a later book in the series. It feels like good long-term plotting.

4 out of 5 stars

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