Friday, July 5, 2013

TIGER TALES - PICTURE BOOKS: What a Wonderful World AND Hands Off My Honey!

What a Wonderful World!

A celebration of God's creation with illustrations of a mother and baby bear enjoying the world - ladybugs, deer at a stream, a rainbow, and falling leaves.

Lovely illustrations and a sweet, quiet story. Would make a great bed time book or a shower gift for a new mom.

Four out of five stars
No AR information at this time.

Hands Off My Honey!

Bear has a huge jar of honey and he's not sharing! But Mouse, Mole and the Rabbit Brothers want some, too. As Bear munches away, the friends sneak toward him - but Mole isn't a very quiet sneak-er. What will happen if Bear catches them trying to get his honey?

Cute story with a fun twist at the end. This was a good one to read part way through and then ask kids how they think it will end.

Four out of five stars
AR reading level of 2.6

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