Friday, June 14, 2013

CHAPTER BOOK: TJ and the Time Stumblers - New Kid Catastrophes by Bill Myers

New Kid Catastrophes

As if being the new kid at school isn't complicated enough, TJ also has two time-traveling teens following and observing her for a history project (she becomes president in the future). Their efforts to "help" TJ become the person of character and integrity that she is as president lead to lots of catastrophes - she falls into a pool, gets blasted down stairs with a fire extinguisher, and gets turned into a floor lamp to name a few. And since the boys are invisible to everyone but TJ, she has a hard time explaining all the strange things happening to her. Will she ever get the cute guy to notice her as anything but the "weird girl?" Can she make some real friends and get these time-travelers to go home and leave her be?

This was a great, funny story - the start of a series. Poor TJ really endures a lot of complications at the hands of the time-traveling Tuna and Herby - sometimes I just wanted to put my head in my hands. But I think my students will enjoy reading about all of the disasters and mishaps that come up - and there's plenty of mischief yet to come in the series as Tuna and Herby are trapped in our time while they try to fix their time machine.

Four out of five stars
AR reading level of 4.5

Recommended for: Fans of Bill Myers' other books, readers looking for funny stories or stories with a bit of fantasy.

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