Monday, February 4, 2013

EARLY READER: Tony Baloney Buddy Trouble by Pam Munoz Ryan

Tony Baloney Buddy Trouble

Tony and his stuffed buddy, Dandelion, are excited about going to school for Books and Buddies, but a messy glitter mishap at home means Tony and his big sister can't go. For revenge, Big Sister puts Dandelion into the diaper bag for their younger siblings playgroup. When Dandelion comes home, he's pink and stinky. Can Dandelion be saved? Will Tony and Big Sister ever make up?

This was a cute story with very real problems for kids - their loyalty to their stuffed critters and sibling rivalries. It's formatted in chapters which has an appeal for some of my new readers at school (they feel so grown up, reading a book with chapters). I bought this book in a preview pack from Scholastic for our upcoming spring book fair - I can't find the book on either of the big online booksellers I usually use. I think my students will enjoy this new story about Tony and his family.

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