Monday, April 23, 2012

MONDAY: Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood


Summary Rose's family runs a bakery in their small town. But it's not your normal bakery. The family cook book includes special, magical recipes that the family can use to cure sleep walking or help the course of true love. Rose's one desire is to help with the family's special recipes. But her parents manage all of those, trusting Rose to pick up more flour and other normal ingredients.

Rose's big chance comes when her parents are called away to take their special baked goods to another community. As soon as her parents leave, a mysterious woman shows up, claiming to be Rose's aunt. She says she wants to help Rose and her siblings run the bakery while their parents are gone. What harm could come if Rose pulled out the family cookbook to show her aunt something special?

Review As you could imagine, magical recipes in the hands of inexperienced kids can have all sorts of fun and chaotic results! I really felt for Rose in this story - overshadowed by her siblings, the only one of them who cares about the bakery. She wants so badly to be recognized, to be valued. Once she starts down the road of magic, things spin farther and father out of control. Even as I read and anticipated the disasters that were going to come for Rose and her brothers and sister, I could identify with Rose and understand why she was doing what she was doing. The ending does not wrap up all loose ends, so I anticipate - and look forward to - a sequel.

Four out of five stars

No AR level yet

Recommended for: middle grade readers who like a little magic and fantasy in their stories but also a contemporary, realistic setting.

Cautions: none

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