Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TUESDAY: Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth by Jane O'Connor

Summary Fancy Nancy is back with the first in a new chapter book series for her fans. Nancy loves reading Nancy Drew. She and her best friend, Bree, have decided to be detectives. The only problem is that they have no case to solve. But a missing momento from a classroom display is just the sort of case the detectives were looking for.

Review This is a great next step for Fancy Nancy fans who are ready to move on to chapter books. I am excited that it is going to be a series. I think series help kids stay connected to books and characters they like, and it keeps them reading. The only thing that made me sad with this book is that the illustrations are black and white. The color illustrations of the picture books are absolutely gorgeous, but I understand why they don't work in a chapter book.

My students saw me reading this and they can't wait for me to get it in the library. This is one I'll have trouble keeping on the shelves.

Four out of five stars

No AR quiz yet

Recommended for: early chapter book readers, fans of the picture book series

Cautions: none

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