Friday, April 20, 2012

FRIDAY: Alien Diplomacy by Gini Koch

Kitty is adjusting to her new role on the diplomatic corps. Honestly, she would rather be fighting alien superbeings than enduring the diplomacy classes she is failing in a spectacular way. In reality, her whole team is struggling to feel at home in their new roles in the Centurian government. When Kitty and Jeff and the team discover there is an assassination plot in the works, and someone seems to be trying to kidnap or kill Kitty and her team, they will have to set aside their qualms about their new roles and figure out what is really going on in Washington DC.

This book was a bit of a departure from the rest of the series for me - it feels like a transitional book, linking Kitty's "old" life with her new one. I usually have passages that I read over and over because Kitty is just so wonderfully in-your-face. But Kitty and the whole crew are feeling so out of place, there weren't a lot of fun moments like in other books. Also, Kitty has to be diplomatic in her new role. She can't just tear into someone like she usually does - and I so love those moments! But all of these changes are completely necessary for the evolution of the story and the characters. Now that Kitty and Jeff have a baby, their roles needed to change, and this is a great avenue for that change, and it really pushes Kitty in fun new ways. I enjoyed the story, and finished it in one night. I'm already looking forward to reading it again, along with the rest of the series (I bought all of the books in e-book form, too, so I can carry them all together!). Now, I just have to wait until December for Alien vs. Alien.

4 out of 5 stars

Recommended for: fans of the rest of the series, fans of science-fiction/romance

Cautions: language, adult relationships, alternate lifestyles

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