Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WEDNESDAY: Various Book Fair titles, part 2


Here are a few more picture books from our book fair:

Under the Ocean was my first introduction to Miss Smith books. I loved it. Miss Smith and her class go on a field trip to the ocean. As Miss Smith reads from various ocean-related stories like Moby Dick, the story starts to come true. I think this would be great for literature teachers to introduce "classic" stories to students. (AR level of 4.3)

Pig Kahuna is a funny little story about two pigs and the surf board they find. It's quirky and a lot of fun. My kindergartners are going to love this one! (AR level of 2.3)

Dream Big Little Pig is about a pig who is trying to discover who she wants to be. She has a great support system and copes well (maybe too well to be realistic) with disappointment when she tries something she's not great at. Adults may read other messages into the story (do you have to be perfect at something to enjoy it?), but if you accept it at face value, it's a nice story. (AR level of 3.2)

Chicken Big is a great twist on a classic. So funny! (AR level of 2.7)

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