Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BOOK FAIR preview - The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

Sage is an orphan -- cocky, clever and independent. When he is bought and taken from the orphanage, his plan is to run away at the first opportunity. But the man who buys him has plans for Sage and the other orphans with them. He's going to turn one of them into a prince - and the rest will probably die. Sage will have to decide who he wants to be and what he is and is not willing to do to be that person

Amazing! Outstanding! Brilliant! I have not felt this strongly about a book since I first read The Candymakers. This could easily be my "best book of 2012." It will be a hard one to beat. Sage has a great voice, and I was drawn into his story from the first page. There's a Hunger Games-ish feel to the relationship between the boys as they know only one will be chosen to play the prince and the others will likely be killed. The whole story is masterfully put together. I could hardly get to sleep after finishing it because I was so excited about how it all came together. This is going to be the first of a trilogy. This is one I will buy for myself (this copy is for our school's library), share with my son, rave about to my students - and any random stranger I can get to listen.

5 out of 5 stars - I'd give it more if I could!
No AR rating yet as the book doesn't release until the first of April.

Recommended for: readers 4th grade and older, those looking for stories with mystery and adventure.

Cautions: the overall story is not dark, but there are deaths and battles. I don't think it will matter to general readers, but more sensitive ones should be forewarned.

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