Friday, August 27, 2010

FRIDAY: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Gambit - Siege

Sequel to Gambit: Stealth, which I reviewed in June. 

ObiWan and Anakin have escaped to a remote village and are biding their time, pretending to be locals while looking for a chance to get back to the Separatists on Lanteeb. But their troubles have only begun. Their disguises fail, the village is in danger, and a droid army has arrived to take them into custody.

This was good, but a bit of a "downer" - not a happy story, but there aren't many happy stories in war. The stress of the mission cut into the "banter" between characters that I loved so much in the first book, but it was still good.

I especially enjoyed the "secondary" characters - Greti (the girl in the village who is strong in the Force, but too old to do anything about it), and Taria (the Jedi who has a history with ObiWan). I loved the description of Mace's power and Ahsoka's growing confidence. The ending was genuine, even if not as "happy" as I would have preferred.
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