Thursday, June 24, 2010


If you know our family, you should not be the least bit surprised that I am reviewing this book! We love LEGO bricks at our house. (In reading this book, I discovered that it is bad form to call the bricks "Legos." I still do, though. LEGO is the company name, and the bricks are bricks. Thus, "LEGO bricks.")

This book is something of a memoir. The author chronicles his discovery of a community of adult LEGO builders - as well has his own re-discovery of the joy of building. The book highlights entities, events and places such as the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Ohio, Brick Link, BrickJournal, etc. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I love the creativity that comes when a group of people gather with a large pile of bricks - whether those creations come from my seven-year-old, or a group of thirty-somethings who building life-sized creations. A year or two ago, a children's museum in the area had a LEGO display that was fantastic. I could have spent the whole day there admiring the creations. If you love - or loved - LEGO bricks, check this book out.

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