Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BONUS: Children's Books

There's been some buzz about picture books in book circles lately. Here is an interesting blog entry about the future of picture books. As a person who LOVES picture books, I hope the powers that be will come to some good solutions. 

My person opinion is this. It is hard to part with $17 for a picture book. I usually buy mine through Amazon to save us some money. We have also bought picture books through the Scholastic book club at my son's school. I have no problem with paperback picture books. The pages themselves are no less fragile than the hard cover ones. And the price is wallet-friendly. Also, I recently reviewed some picture books from the publisher, Tiger Tales, about Bella the Bunny and they were very reasonably priced at around $10 or less. There are ways to build a picture book collection without breaking the bank. And even though my son is reading chapter books now, he has NO desire to part with his picture books!

Long live the picture book!

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