Monday, May 24, 2010

MONDAY: Ella's Umbrellas

I have a special little Ella in my own life, so I am always on the lookout for good books with characters named Ella. This book was a treasure - from the beautiful illustrations to the fun story to the fantastic embossed rain drops on the front cover (spectacular attention to detail!).

Ella's umbrella's have taken over her entire house. Her mother says she has to get rid of them. But how can she get rid of something so precious? Something she loves so much? 

Terrific book - look for this one and tell me how much you love the raindrops on the cover!

[Took me a minute to catch on, but I knew that I knew the illustrator's name from somewhere - Ashley Spires. While I am so picky about the kinds of illustrations I like, I don't keep track of many illustrator names, except for the fantastic Peter H. Reynolds. So, I looked Ashley up - she is the author/illustrator of the fantastic book, Binky the Space Cat!]

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  1. I was looking for books with a character named Ella to give to a new baby Ella. I thought of All-of-a-Kind Family but was hoping for a picture book, too. This sounds like it fits the bill! I also thought of the Ella the Elegant Elephant books by D'Amico. Now, for her older sister... do you know of any books featuring a Bethany?

  2. For Ella, there's also the Ella Bella Ballerina books by James Mayhew. I've reviewed some of those before.

    Bethany books are not coming to mind, though.