Friday, May 21, 2010

FRIDAY: Wrecked

This is the latest Jack and Regan Reilly mystery/adventure.

Jack and Regan are looking forward to a weekend alone for their first anniversary. But when a storm strikes and breaks the front window at the neighbor's and another neighbor falls and disappears into the ocean, they are no longer alone - or celebrating. Now they are helping to get to the bottom of the woman who was washed away.

I forget from year to year between books how stressful these can be. For me, they aren't stressful because of the story, but more because the reader knows more than the characters and you have to wait while they circle around solutions. These books tend to be less about the "mystery" of typical cozies (where someone is dead and the protagonist talks to people to find out why and you find out along with her). In these books, you know part of what's going on and it's just a matter of waiting for all the pieces to come together. I liked it enough to hang with it until the end, but not as much as previous stories in the series.

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