Friday, May 7, 2010

FRIDAY: Mint Juleps, Mayhem and Murder

Ellie Avery is at it again. When her husband's squadron commander is killed, Ellie uses her military-spouse connections and her organizing business to dig around to see who had murder on their mind... especially when her husband, Mitch, becomes the next target.

I like Ellie's stories - I think the first in the series is Moving Is Murder: A Mom Zone Mystery (Ellie Avery Mysteries) One of the things I like is that the setting changes from book to book, or every couple of books, as Ellie and her military family move. That keeps the author from having to stretch too far to find new circumstances for her character. I also like the relationship between Ellie and her husband. He is concerned for her safety when she gets into investigating a murder, but he isn't annoying about it.

I have tried a lot of mystery series over the years. Some of them are getting pretty old and I don't even bother seeking out the next in the series. But the Mom Zone mysteries are ones I try to read as soon as they come out. Check them out!

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