Monday, May 10, 2010

MONDAY: Please Bury Me in the Library

I am generally not a fan of poetry (although I do like Jack Prelutsky), but my library had this on display for National Library Week in April, so I picked it up. 

I enjoyed a couple poems, like Fleating Fame and Necessary Gardens, but my absolute favorite was "Great, Good, Bad." Go track it down - it is a winner!

Check this book out if you are looking for some fun poems about books and the library.

Today kicks off Children's Book week. In honor of that, I want to review a few more children's books throughout the week. Here are four board books I received recently from the publisher, Tiger Tales, for review.

The two animal board books are fantastic - each page is embossed. On one side there is a full picture of the animal with one word. On the other side is a close up of the skin or fur or wings or feathers of the animals. The other two - Little Piggy and Are You Ready - have padded covers and sweet illustrations. If I were buying books for babies, I would run right out and pick up more copies of Animals Go and Animals Talk. They were my favorites of the four.

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