Thursday, April 22, 2010

THURSDAY: Author Mama

From the woman who brought us Writer Mama and Get Known Before the Book Deal comes an e-book about writing a book - Author Mama 

I am a big fan of Christina Katz' other writing-related books - as well as a fan of her blog and e-zines. But I am generally not a huge fan of ebooks. I have only bought one other and that was from a writer I really like whose books are not carried in my area. I had my choice between a physical book or an ebook, and the ebook price was too good to pass up. But I like having a book in my hand - a book I can either take notes on or take notes IN. I know I can print off an ebook, but I don't relish the impact a 130+ page ebook would make on my already-expensive computer ink supply. So it takes something special to make me buy an ebook.

I think Christina Katz' work is that kind of special. The book goes through the different stages of getting a book published. She shares from her own authoring experiences plus shares how the current state of publishing changes the experience for current and future authors. Most chapters come with recommendations or activities for readers to try out. 

I'm not really sure what is happening with my writing aspirations right now, but despite that, I really wanted to read what Christina had to say, and I found all sorts of information, advice and encouragement. If you are an aspiring author, check out the ebook, Author Mama.

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