Monday, March 29, 2010

MONDAY: Timothy and the Strong Pajamas

The cover page states, "This is the story of Timothy Smallbeast. He wasn't big. And he wasn't strong. (But he really, really wanted to be.)" Such a sweet sub-title and a very sweet story.

Timothy has a favorite pair of pajamas. He loves them so much, they're completely worn out. When his mom fixed them, Timothy discovered they gave him super strength. Timothy and his best friend, Monkey, decide to use Timothy's new powers to help others and they learn what comes around goes around - in a good way.

If this book had been around when my son was little, this would have been one of our favorites. The illustrations are great and the story is sweet. And a best friend named Monkey would have sealed the deal for us. Check out Timothy, Monkey and these super pajamas!

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