Friday, March 26, 2010

FRIDAY: Bead on Trouble and Beads of Doubt

I've recently taken an interest in beading and making jewelry, so I decided to check out this cozy series based around beading.

In Bead on Trouble, Kitzi Camden just wants to enjoy the annual beading retreat. She doesn't want to go chasing after her best friend's husband who seems to be pursing "extracurricular" relationships. She doesn't want to tell her best friend that her husband is cheating on her with another bead designer. She also doesn't want to answer police questions when the other woman shows up dead.

It was a good mystery. I had no idea who the killer was going to be. The craft info was well done - not too much or too complicated for non-beaders.

The second book in the series - Beads of Doubt - was another good mystery. [Kitzi's cousin tells her he plans to take the family house from her and then his business partner ends up dead.] When I picked the book up, I discovered that it was written with another author because Barbara Burnett Smith died before the book was completed. So sad! I think the beading information was less prominent in this book. There was a heavy emphasis on cancer in this volume as the beading event in the book was a fundraiser. I would have expected more reader information on the topic considering the emphasis. 

Good mysteries. I recommend them to anyone who likes cozy mysteries. 

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