Thursday, March 25, 2010

THURSDAY: Life with Favre

About a month ago, I posted that this book was in my "waiting to read" pile. I finally got to it and found it completely delightful.

I was much more interested in the Favre/Rodgers dynamic, and the personal stories about the players during the year or two of transition than some of the game play by play that was included in the book. I think my husband, and football fans who are more "students of the game" would have gotten more out of those portions than I did.

I took great joy in reading out loud to my husband the sections about Rodgers' Wonderlic scores, and his triumph after people doubted him at the various levels of his football career. I would highly recommend this book to Packer fans. It was a terrific read - especially in this dry months before training camp starts up!

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