Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TUESDAY: The Christmas Genie

I know Christmas is done, but I read this book late in the holiday season and wanted to post a review before January is over!

A class of 5th graders is shocked at the arrival of a meteorite in the middle of their classroom. They are stunned when a genie comes out of it and offers to grant one wish for the whole class.

Dan Gutman is the author of books like The Homework Machine and The Kid Who Ran For President as well as the My Weird School series. Most of this particular book consists of each student's wish and the class' reaction to the wish. Most of the wishes were "selfish," something the wisher wanted for himself or herself. The class would complain that the wish wasn't for everyone, etc. For me, this got a little tiring after awhile. I imagine the targeted age group, however, would enjoy hearing about the wishes and thinking of what they would wish for if a genie ever offered them one Christmas wish.

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  1. The only Christmas books I read this year were not very good. Hopefully I will discover some better ones this year!

  2. I agree, it started to read like a list to me too, but the kids love Gutman books.

  3. The Christmas Genie sounds like a fun book. My students love The Homework Machine. I am on my second copy because it has been loved to death.

  4. Found your blog at Comment Challenge. The only Christmas book I read was "Season of Gifts"
    I'm a fan of college football. I know it's terrible to say but I have to do and hope you're not from Texas... Roll Tide Roll :)

  5. I haven't read any Christmas books, but it sounds like a fun beginning to a book.