Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TUESDAY: The Secret Science Alliance

Julian is a geek - a science-loving, gadget-inventing, brilliant, unpopular geek. His existance is so miserable, he is actually thrilled when his family has to move mid-semester. He's convinced that if he plays dumb and pretends to be interested in sports, he will have friends.

Ironically, Julian doesn't pull it off, and because of that he makes two new friends - Ben and Greta - who are also inventors. Together they are the Secret Science Alliance. In their secret lab, they develop all sorts of ideas and prototypes. When their idea book is stolen, they are equipped with all sorts of crazy contraptions to help them foil the villain.

This is a great graphic novel. The illustrations really caught my son's attention and he kept asking me about the book and what was happening in the story. Kids will love the clever gadgets the SSA creates.

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