Monday, December 14, 2009

MONDAY: Book Fair Day

Dewey is ecstatic about book fair day. He even brings a wagon to school to help him carry home all the books he plans to buy with the money in his special book worm bank. The only problem is, his class is going at the end of the day, and Dewy is afraid all of his favorite books will be gone. Will Dewey get the latest Dinosaur Detectives or Private Eye books?

This is part of a series by this author which includes School Picture Day, Science Fair Day and Teacher Appreciation Day. I have read some of the others in the series, but they stress me out. In each one a particular student in the class (and each book is about the same class, so the characters are in each story) becomes the over-the-top focus of the particular day in question. I guess Dewey doesn't stress me out because I identify with him too much! This is a great book for kids, but also a great book to read at schools when it is book fair time.

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