Friday, December 18, 2009

FRIDAY: Rhett MacPherson Geneology Series

Torie O'Shea is genealogist in a small community in Missouri. During her adventures, her research into families - either her own or those of friends or clients - usually digs up something that helps her solve the latest mystery. Although, in some cases, it is Torie's digging that brings about the mystery when someone doesn't want long-buried secrets brought to light.

Torie is a fun character, and she is surrounded by a great supporting cast including her husband, children, mom, nemesis/step-father/Sheriff, and the people who work with her at the historical society. There are 11 books in the series, but the last one came out in 2008. I would love to read more in this great cozy mystery series.

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  1. I'm an "NF," too so will probably enjoy the books you recommend. Will check them out. Stumbled upon you when looking for Rett MacPherson's books that were mentioned in a LinkedIn Group entitled "Genealogical & Historical Research," where someone started a thread about books written with a genealogical theme. I am the same way about books I read. I want others to enjoy them too. You might like Connie Lapallo's two books: Dark Enough to See the Storm in a Jamestown Sky and When The Moon Has No More Silver. See to order them. They're fine examples of novels based on genealogical and historical research. They're the latest and newest books I've found and read.

  2. Diane - thanks for stopping by!! I'll have to check out those books you mentioned. I'll put them on my list. Thanks.