Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WEDNESDAY: You Were Born for This

The latest book from the author of The Prayer of Jabez starts with the premise that God wants to do miracles in the world and is waiting for His people to make themselves available. The stories in the book are inspiring. If it weren't for fear of what God might ask me to do, I would have jumped out of my seat at times shouting, "I want to do that!" I love stories of God at work in people's lives, and this book is full of them! The author also deals with things like fear and how to know when God is nudging you to take action. I thought the steps and descriptions were well done. I also appreciated the clear instructions to listen for God rather than moving on our own, willy nilly.

My favorite practical idea from the book is the idea of a "God pocket." The God pocket is a section of your purse or wallet where you put cash set aside for God's purposes. It is God's money - not yours, so don't treat it like petty cash. The money stays there until God prompts (as described in the book) you to use it for His glory. Great idea and many more in this book. Check it out!

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  1. What a neat idea, "God's money". That is the central theme we try to get across to folks during our annual stewardship campaign. Unfortunately, this year (probably due to the recession), people didn't want to hear it.

    Just like the purposes of the money in the "God pocket" we have to be sure to make people TRUST that their stewardship dollars go to good, productive purposes that glorify Him and fulfill our own church's mission statement.

    It's a constant struggle, and we have the same tug-of-war of needs vs. wants that individual households have...