Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TUESDAY: The Enormous Egg

Nate Twitchell thought the giant chicken egg laid at the family farm was unusual, but no one was prepared for what they found when it hatched. A Triceratops! Nate raises "Uncle Beazley" with some help from a visiting paleontologist, but it isn't long before Uncle Beazley is too big to stay at the family farm. As fall approaches in New Hampshire, the weather will be too cold for him, too. So Nate and Dr. Ziemer head to Washington D.C. to find Uncle Beazley a new home. But that process gets a little complicated in our nation's capital.

Originally published in 1956. This is a fun story with great illustrations - and totally not the sort of book I would have picked up on my own! My son chose this as his free book for the summer reading program at Barnes and Noble and insisted on us reading it every night before bed. I was pleasantly surprised. A great read-aloud for the family or the classroom.

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