Thursday, November 19, 2009

THURSDAY: The Guinea Pig Diaries

A. J. Jacobs is the author of The Year of Living Biblically, a book high on my TBR (to be read) pile. In this book, Jacobs takes on smaller experiments, such as outsourcing his life, and reports on the results. My two favorite experiments are the outsourcing one and trying to live by George Washington's 110 rules.

Jacobs outsourced his personal and professional responsibilities to two different online assistants. One took care of buying birthday gifts, shopping, and even calling his parents on their anniversary. The other sent emails, scheduled appointments, and other tasks for Jacob's work. This idea was familiar to me because I had just watched Tim Ferriss do a presentation and he talked about doing the same thing. Regarding George Washington's rules, he said, "The rules are like cognitive therapy - behave civilly and eventually you will think civilly." Great idea! In other chapters, Jacobs tries radical honesty, posing as a woman online to find a date for their nanny, unitasking, and "Operation Ideal Husband" (aka "Whipped").

The whole book was fascinating. I love the idea of these experiments (a little like The Unlikely Disciple). I might have to try the unitasking experiment. Jacobs really speaks to me as a writer because he throws 100% of his energy into each experience.

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