Friday, November 20, 2009

FRIDAY: The Cinderella Pact

Another treat from Sarah Strohmeyer!

Nola cannot get any respect as a plus-sized woman. So she invents an alter ego who is thin and dynamic and amazing, who speaks and writes Nola's words and "Belinda" is a hit. In fact, she is so influential that Nola's best friends take Belinda's advice and make the Cinderella Pact to lose weight together. When Belinda's popularity takes off and everyone starts clamoring to meet her, Nola has to join the Pact before she is discovered. Unfortunately, losing weight is not the solution to all of life's challenges.

A great, engaging story. I loved this story so much that I put the author's name in my upcoming releases notebook every summer since then to anxiously await her next stand alone. Check it out!

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