Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gift Ideas - books for kids, part 1

Today's gift recommendations come from the category of Early Readers. You can go here to look at the books on my Amazon store.

For beginning readers, I included a couple favorites from Mo Willems' line of books about a pig and an elephant that are great for kids who are starting to read on their own. These also are great when you have a reader and a pre-reader. The stories appeal to both groups.

I included all the books in the Roscoe Riley series. I have reviewed a few of these before.

I also included some Magic Tree House. My son's class is reading these and he has become quite a fan. I don't read them very often because they are a little choppy for reading out loud, which is what makes them perfect for early readers.

I also included the first book in the Pony Crazed Princess series. I have read it and it is cute. I know my niece has enjoyed the entire series. The same is true for Daisy Meadows' series about fairies. I only put a link for one part of the series, but my niece has enjoyed every one she has read (and she has read quite a few!).

If you are looking for books for the early readers on your holiday list, check these titles out here.

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