Wednesday, October 29, 2014


At Your Service

Chloe's goal in life is to be a top notch concierge, just like her dad. Her motto is "Go big or go home." But her dream is at stake when she loses one of her charges on a tour of NYC - a young princess. A lot can happen to a young girl, alone, in a strange city, so Chloe, her best friend Paisley, and the older prince and princess will have to be very clever to track her down asap - especially before their parents find out!

I loved the concierge angle of this story. It was unique and helps the book stand out from the crowd. There is lots of potential stories that could come out of this premise, especially in a New York City setting. This has a great core group of characters and a light romance. There's also a good lesson here about self-sufficiency and seeking help when you really need it.

5 out of 5 stars
No AR reading level at the time of this writing.

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