Monday, July 14, 2014

DISNEY AFTER DARK by Ridley Pearson

Disney after Dark (Kingdom Keepers Series #1)

Finn is a DHI - a Disney Host Interactive. He and four other kids were filmed and their likenesses were turned into holographic hosts at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It was good money for college and came with some park perks but it also came with something darker. When he sleeps, Finn crosses over into the holographic version of himself at the park. And something dark and malevolent is prowling around the park at night. Only Finn and the other DHIs have a chance to save the park - and maybe the world.

This is the first in a seven-book series anchored in all things Disney - the parks and the cruise ships. The story was more action-driven than character-driven; I didn't have a good sense of any of the characters when the story was finished. This would be a fun series for someone with a decent knowledge of Disney World. Beware of spoilers for younger readers regarding characters and costumes. There is a dark side to the story, not unlike the monsters in a Percy Jackson book (the Small World dolls come to life and attack the kids, for instance). This might be more alarming for kids who actually go to Disney World and come face to face with these creatures, unlike the monsters from PJ.

3 out of 5 stars
AR reading level of 4.2

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