Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!: An Origami Yoda Book (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The origami rebels are back after their small triumph in Jabba the Puppett. Now they are waiting for Principal Rabski to follow through on her promise to do something. Princess Labelmaker shares a case file with Principal Rabski. Will it convice her to help end the torturous "Fun Time" test prep? Or will it just give her the evidence she needs to bust the members of the Rebel Alliance?

What a great continuation of this fun series! Timely, too, in the world of Common Core Standards and standardized testing and boycotts and rebellions.  Some of the case files are a little "random" and don't tie as tightly to the overall story as others, but they are enjoyable on their own as character development and fun school stories. There is a nice resolution of the Fun Time issue - but is it temporary? There are hints at more adventures yet to come. Book 6 is showing an August or September release, depending on what internet source you check - and that may be the final chapter in the series. You can read more about the series at the author's site here.

There is one chapter that may lead to some family discussions as kids read this book - a kid in the group is teased by some outsiders because he wears a pink shirt for picture day. The other kids call him "gay" and his friends wrestle with how to respond and wonder if they should care if he is gay. I loved how the friends responded to this situation, and I think there are some great discussion points for families and school settings about bullying that can come from the reading of this chapter.

4 out of 5 stars
AR reading level of 4.9

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