Friday, February 22, 2013

PICTURE BOOKS by Artie Bennett

Poopendous  Butt Book

I received an email from Mr. Artie Bennett, telling me about his two books, Poopendous! and The Butt Book and including a PDF copy of both books. They were a hoot!

Poopendous! talks, of course, about poop - all the different kinds of poop from fly poop to elephant poop, showing the different sizes and shapes as well as the uses for poop. Considering how hard my students laugh when I ask them not to fart on the cushions we use in the library, they would think this was fantastic!

The Butt Book covers the sizes and shapes and names of butts - both human and animal - including shots of a few bare butts and one butt on a toilet. Again, the kids will crack up with this one.

Teachers and parents with a good sense of human will enjoy sharing these with kids in their lives!

Three out of five stars for Poopendous!
AR reading level of 2.9

Four out of five stars for The Butt Book

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