Monday, February 18, 2013

FICTION for ADULTS: No Quest for the Wicked by Shanna Swendson

No Quest For The Wicked

After solving the main mystery from books one through five, Katie is bored with her job at MSI (Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc.) But before she can spend too much time thinking about what that means for the future, a new crisis looms. The Eye of the Moon - a magical stone created by Merlin has resurfaced attached to an elf-crafted brooch. The Eye works something like the Ring in Lord of the Rings - drawing people to it who crave power. Owen and Katie need to find it and secure it before it can be used to case mayhem - in the magical world or the regular one.

This book had a fun Lord of the Rings feel to it, with a collection of magical folks working with Owen and Katie (as well as those working against them) to find the brooch and keep it safe. I felt like the middle dragged some, with Owen and Katie running for hours and hours, trying to fight off everyone who wants the brooch. That distracted from some of the awesomeness of the story (like the scenes with the person who ends up with the brooch). No news on when book 7 will be out, but the ending of this book opens up all sorts of fun possibilities for the future.

3 out of 5 stars

Recommended for: fans of the series, fans of science fiction/fantasy/magic/romance stories.

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