Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CHAPTER BOOK: If the Shoe Fits by Sarah Mlynowski

If the Shoe Fits (Whatever After Series #2)

Abby and Jonah are back in fairy tale land again, this time in Cinderella's story. And everything is going well - they managed not to ruin things for Cinderella at the ball and they've convinced her to play along with her step-sisters and step-mother even though they told her that she's going to get her Happily Ever After with the prince when he brings her lost slipper. But they startle Cinderella while she's holding the (heavy) glass slipper, and it falls on her foot, causing it to bruise and swell. Now Cinderella can't walk, much less do her chores - or put on the lost glass slipper to prove it is hers. Cinderella's fairy godmother refuses to just fix things, saying Cinderella has to learn some self-reliance rather than just waiting around to be rescued. Abby and Jonah have to help Cinderella become independent if they are to have any hope of saving her Happily Ever After - and of getting themselves back home.

Cute! Clever twists on the well-known story will keep readers turning pages to see what happens next. Good message about self-sufficiency in Cinderella's story - as well as Abby's story. Great addition to the series. I had to fight off students who wanted this one, too! Will need to get this into the library asap to keep up with the demand. You can read about book one here and book three, Sink or Swim, will come out May 1st.

4 out of 5 stars
No AR reading level assigned yet

Recommended for: Readers in 1st grade and up, fans of fairy tales and princess stories, fans of mild adventure stories.

Cautions: none

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