Monday, January 16, 2012

MONDAY: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games are an annual event where a boy and girl from each of 12 districts are chosen to compete in a battle to the death. Those in power hold the Games to keep the districts in line so that no one thinks about mounting a rebellion like those in the now-dead District 13. Katniss Everdeen from District 12 has managed to stay out of the games so far, but when her sister is chosen, Katniss offers herself instead. Now, she just has to get through whatever challenges the gamemakers have devised and be the last one standing.

This was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't read through it fast enough. Katniss and her District 12 partner, Peeta, are compelling characters. Yes, the story is dark because the competitors are essentially in a kill or be killed situation. Katniss is a great hero because she isn't trying to be a hero. She just wants to take care of her family, and in order to do that she has to survive. She struggles with the fact that eventually she might have to kill one of the others - someone she actually likes - in order to survive until the end. 

In March there will be a movie based on the book. You'll be hearing more and more about this book and the series in the months to come. If you are interested in dystopian literature, definitely check this one out!

5 out of 5 stars
AR level of 5.3 (with an interest level of MG+ or 6th grade and up)

Recommended for: older tweens and teens, fans of dystopian books

Cautions: The Games are a battle to the death with monsters and evil government leaders, etc. Sensitive readers might want to pass on this series

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  1. I LOVED the Hunger Games trilogy. Couldn't put it down. Katniss is a kick-ass heroine, and I loved the "not too sappy" love triangle. Big fan!