Monday, August 9, 2010


As we move into the final days of summer vacation, I'm going to take a little break from book reviews and post a few other things for the next two weeks. I hope you'll find some things you like while I'm away.

This week I want to talk about magazines. I love magazines, and probably spend way too much on them, but they are a quick read, something you can pick up and put down easily, and cover a variety of topics. I have let most of my past subscriptions lapse, and have been looking into new magazines lately.

One of my favorites right now is Booklist from the American Library Association. I get to read great reviews a couple times a month (except during the summer when they publish just one issue a month) and find out about all sorts of new books. It is an expensive subscription, unless you find a deal, like I did a couple years ago. But if you love books like I do, it could be a great resource. Another book-related magazine I have thought about getting is Horn Book, which is specifically geared to children's books.

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