Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TUESDAY: Percy Jackson series

A young friend of ours talked to me often about the Percy Jackson series of books so my husband and I decided to read the series. I got distracted with some other books after finishing the first one, but my husband blew through the series and has been hounding me to finish the series. And now I have.

I enjoyed the series, based on Greek mythology - Zeus, Poseidon, Medusa, etc. Percy is a "half-blood" - the son of a Greek god and a mortal woman. At first, Percy just thinks the "glitches" in his life are because of his ADHD and his Dyslexia, but in reality it is because he is a half-blood and Greek monsters are on the hunt for him. Throughout the series, Percy and his friends take on these monsters, and the powerful forces behind them in various quests. 

I didn't love this series like I loved Harry Potter, but it is a great series that pulled me through from book to book. The last book really made the whole series for me - it was fantastic. I enjoyed so many of the characters (Percy, Clarisse, Poseidon, Rachel, Nico, Tyson, Grover) - and a few of the critters (Mrs. O'Leary, the hippocampi) - and cared about what happened to them. I liked Percy's voice as the narrator of the story. There are some pretty scary critters and moments in these books - I wouldn't recommend them for young readers. 

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