Thursday, June 17, 2010

THURSDAY: Amazing Greek Myths of Wonder and Blunder

Our family has dipped a toe in the Percy Jackson pool, and a lot of questions have come up about Greek mythology. I requested this from the library, thinking a kids' introduction to myths would be a good starting place.

I was surprised to find out that this was done in a comic/graphic novel format - brilliant. The stories covered include King Midas, Pandora, Pygmalion, Persephone, Arachne, Perseus, Pyramus and Thisbe, Icarus/Minotaur, and Hercules.

The comic format downplays some of the gross parts of the stories (which is a great). The pictures make the stories easier to relate to for visual learners. There are also some fun, silly bits in the stories, like a running joke with naked sheep. I think this would be a good starting point for anyone interested in Greek mythology.

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