Friday, June 18, 2010

FRIDAY: No Prisoners

Rex and Ahsoka join a test run of a new ship (an excuse to give Anakin some time with his secret wife), but the ship gets drawn into a rescue in the Outer Rim. The ship is in no condition to mount a rescue, but it meets up with a sect of Jedi (who do not follow the ways of Yoda and the Temple) who are ready and willing to lend a hand. The Jedi are a tremendous help on the mission, but their way of life rocks Anakin's world.... These Jedi can marry.

I requested our library buy this book when I realized that it fell between Wild Space and Gambit, two stories in the Clone Wars saga that I really enjoyed. After reading No Prisoners I realized that I could have followed the storylines fine without this book. In a way, I didn't enjoy this book as much as the other two. Most of the main characters are "off stage" for a significant part of this story. I missed the banter and interplay that made the other two books so enjoyable.

But while I wouldn't say this story was "fun," it sticks with the reader long after the book is closed - at least, it has stuck with me. There's great discussion about attachment in this book - as well as a lot about the difference between attachment and obsession. By now the reader knows that Anakin's love for Padme has crossed the line into desperation and obsession. You have to wonder how things might have been different if Anakin and Shmi, his mother, had been discovered by this sect of Jedi. Might Anakin have learned to love - and let go - in healthy ways? Would it have even mattered if he hadn't met Padme? This story provides an interesting foundation for discussion among more serious Star Wars fans.

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