Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TUESDAY: Bones and the Math Test Mystery and Bones and the Roller Coaster Mystery

The Bones books are chapter book mysteries, great for early readers, staring Jeffrey Bones, detective. In the Math Test Mystery, Jeffrey's math test is missing. He wasn't keen on taking it in the first place, so he really doesn't want to take it again.

In the Roller Coaster Mystery, Jeffrey and his grandpa are spending the day at the amusement park. They want to play some games and ride some rides, including the big roller coaster. But after Grandpa wins Jeffrey a teddy bear and they ride the merry go round, they can't find their roller coaster tickets. Detective Jeffrey Bones is on the case.

To me, these are like the Young Cam Jansen series of mysteries, except these star a boy. If you have a boy who prefers to read about boys, Bones might be just what you are looking for. Short chapters, simple plot. These are just right for early readers. 

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